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Dr. Brett Poniros grew up in Mamaroneck, NY, where he played football, hockey, and baseball for Mamaroneck High School, before continuing his career as a shortstop at Franklin and Marshall College in Lancaster, PA, where he captained the team his junior and senior years.
He dealt with several of his own injuries, including two significant hamstring tears and recurrent back pain. Having gone through the entirety of what "standard rehab" had to offer, Brett was then drawn toward a career in performance and rehabilitation in an effort to be able to offer a service that catered specifically to athletes and active individuals.
“He takes the time to perform a full evaluation and... believes in...getting to the root of what's actually causing issues. Treatment involves actual training to build strength and function rather than just laying on a table.”
Stephen Portee – Performance Coach

We expect our clients to work hard!
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Compassion & Care
The truth of the matter is that we truly love what we do. And that is helping people see results and make positive changes. We view our careers as far more than a job, and our clients tend to notice that.
Knowledge & Education
We remain learning obsessed, and are constantly updated on the newest research and trends in the rehab and health & wellness space. We utilize this information in our constantly evolving protocols, and seek to pass that information along to our clients in a digestible way.
Patient Centered Approach
We understand that each person is unique, which is why all of our decisions are made with you in mind, and with you in the driver's seat. The best plan of care is the one that our clients can buy into, which makes your experience with us a true collaboration!
Excellent Communication
Because we operate under a low volume, high quality practice model, we make the time to answer questions and provide guidance to all of our current and past clients. We encourage text updates and questions, and are always willing to hop on a call to ensure total clarity and peace of mind.

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