We help athletes and active adults get back to doing what they love.

Apollo is your full-suite solution for building strength, resilience, healthy routines and a pain-free life. We specialize in injury rehabilitation and performance for active individuals and athletes.

We make rehab simple and effective.

1. Pain Relief
Pain relief is the first step to recovery so we use hands-on techniques, innovative technology, and movement strategies in order to lower pain levels. Once we see improvement, we can start to make long lasting changes.
2. Functional Change
When pain is under control, it's time to make lasting changes. Muscles, tendons, and ligaments can take weeks to truly change and adapt. By laying out a plan and challenging you, we can impact long-term outcomes and prioritize injury prevention strategies.
3. Performance Care
During this phase, we look to take all of the work you have previously done and integrate it into your performance related goals. This ensures that you have the tools and confidence to move forward without us.

We're not anything like your traditional physical therapist or chiropractor

Our unique skill set and 1-on-1 approach means that you get the treatment, attention, and results that you deserve.
Apollo Performance Chiropractic
Traditional Physical Therapy
& Chiropractic
Clients per session
Just you
Up to 5
Clients per day
Capped at 7
Over 20
Business Philosophy
Quality Driven
Volume Driven
Treatment Goals
"Feel Better"
Time with Doctor
A full hour
As little as 10 mins
Can Order Imaging & Bloodwork
Strength & Conditioning Experience
Holistic Approach

We use whatever it takes
for you to see amazing results

Shockwave Therapy
Deep tissue therapy
Scraping (IASTM)
Compression Flossing
Blood flow restriction
Strength & Conditioning
Imaging & Bloodwork
Return to Play Testing
Joint manipulation
... many more

Strong and happy.
They're back doing what they love.

“Feel better than before my injury.”
He is absolutely amazing! Not only is he great with all his treatments (really knows what he is doing), but his rehab exercises are excellent. He helped me to recover from my ankle sprain faster, and I feel better than before my injury. Highly recommend Dr. Brett at Apollo!
Valdó S. – Olympic Hurdler
“The results are real.”
I’d give Brett 6 Stars if it were an option. The results are real. I’ve been able to measure the improvements as I’m able to do more and more.
Joseph E. – Golfer, former pro hockey player
“Apollo is the place for you!”
If you are looking to be back in action as soon as humanly possible, Apollo is the place for you! I had hamstring issues and I was back in no time with Brett’s help. Dr. Brett answered all the questions I had and it is clear he loves it what he does.
Nolan N. – Clemson Baseball Player
“One stop shopping for short-term and long-term recovery”
Brett made a conscious effort to fully understand the source and severity of the pain I was experiencing and the level of activity which was normal for me. Thanks to Brett, I have a better understanding of the source of my pain and how to manage it, as well as a path to get back to a higher running volume. Working with Brett is truly "one-stop shopping" for short-term and long-term recovery: he can guide you to reduce pain and recover in the short term and also come up with a long-term strategy through strength training to prevent future injury/pain.
Mary M. – Recreational Runner
“I had less pain within 1 session”
I had left shoulder pain and weakness for the longest time from poor posture, saw a few PTs but Brett was the first one to find the root cause of the issue and address it. I had less pain within 1 session of working with Brett and after 2 weeks of doing the exercises he gave me I had minimal stiffness and no pain. Went back for a second session and was literally stronger the next day. Not only does he want you to feel better and move better, but he wants you to understand the WHY.
Samantha K. – Physical Therapist
“He takes so much time and care”
Brett is extremely knowledgeable, professional, thorough, and personable. He has helped me through several minor injuries and ongoing flare-ups, giving me strategies to build strength and return to activities in a safe manner without discomfort. He takes so much time and care during his sessions not only with regard to evaluating and treating but also educating his patients. I highly recommend Dr. Brett Poniros!
Lisa T. – Skier, runner, active mom
Expectations and alignment

Some common questions.

Since we differ from most practitioners in the space, it's important for you to understand why we're likely the better option for your recovery.
What types of patients do you treat?
We work with athletes and active individuals that are suffering from pain/injuries and have performance related goals. Often times patients that come to us have tried more traditional PT or chiropractic and are looking for a more complete approach to their problems. We have treated everything from post-operative shoulders and elbows, to chronic knee pain, tendinitis, and everything in between. If you are willing to put in the effort and want a high quality service, Apollo is the place that you NEED to be.
How do I begin working with you?
1. Schedule a complimentary discovery session so that you can get introduced to our practice and get to know us.
2. Come in for your hour-long evaluation and treatment session, where we gather data and attempt to carve out a path going forward.
3. Initiate your plan-of-care based on your doctor's recommendations
4. Get to work and start to experience the results you've been seeking!
What does a typical treatment plan look like?
Every treatment plan that we create is unique based on the individual's complaint, circumstances, and goals. While plans vary based on duration, each session is a full hour, 1-on-1 with your doctor, and likely includes some form of hands on care, paired with targeted strengthening and mobility exercises, as well as home care recommendations.
What makes your practice different from other places I've been to?
Apart from the countless hours that our staff has put into continued education and certifications, we are also located within a premier strength and conditioning facility, which gives us access to state-of-the-art equipment, and ample space. But truthfully, what sets us apart is the time and effort that we put into each session, as well as the communication that takes place out of the office. When you run a results driven clinic, you get results driven outcomes!