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Our Philosophy

Value-Based Care

Our goal is to provide the most value that we can, meaning that you get a

high-quality product that will long outweigh its costs. By maximizing the quality of each session, we aim to minimize the amount of time that you spend in our office. 

The Apollo Approach


A low-stress environment that you

actually enjoy being in.


A provider who genuinely cares about you and wants to see you succeed.


A collaborative plan that is customized based on your goals

and needs.


Motivation and tools needed to carry

that plan into action.


Guidance and advice that is always

there if needed. 

Our Role

To provide you with the information and tools that you need in order to feel confident that you have a path forward.

Whether we need to watch every rep of your workout, or provide you with pain relief in the form of manipulation or deep tissue therapy, we'll do what it takes to set you on the right path.

We are here to empower you to be your own rehab specialist. 

YOur Role

The bottom line is that regardless of our training and knowledge, nobody knows your body better than you do.

That is why we encourage you to own your health and take the lead when it comes

to your care.

What that means is that as you push forward, you communicate with us regarding your progress, regression, and changes in goals or expectations.

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