Longevity Coaching

Health & Wellness

Longevity coaching takes into account each aspect of your health, using data driven metrics and tests to inform all of the decisions that we make regarding your path forward.

Our longevity coaching service is a comprehensive approach to health and wellness that focuses on helping individuals improve their overall well-being and live a longer, healthier life. It involves a variety of strategies, including nutrition counseling, sleep habit formation, exercise prescription strategy, stress reduction, all using objective data tracking through multiple pieces of technology.

We believe that the keys to a healthier, optimal life are extremely simple, but far from easy to implement. We take a rudimentary, bare bones approach to health. We strive to help you optimize the things in your life that you have the most control over; what you eat, how you exercise, daily habits, and (some) control over your emotions and outlook. Each plan is completely customized based on the availability, training level, willingness, and obligations of each patient. We work with any of your other healthcare providers that are willing to communicate with us, in order to bring you the most comprehensive product possible. 

We have found that tracking through multiple pieces of technology can help individuals monitor their progress and make adjustments to their program as needed. This may include using wearable devices, apps, and other technology to track sleep, physical activity, and nutrition, and to monitor stress levels. Overall, Longevity coaching is a comprehensive and holistic approach to improving overall health and well-being, with an emphasis on long-term sustainability. Take control of the most valuable asset that you have, YOUR HEALTH!