Strength & Conditioning


While your body will do a good job of healing your injury, the ball is then in your court in order to strengthen it and prepare yourself for MORE than sports, training, or whatever life has to throw at you.

Strength and conditioning (S&C) is the practice of using exercise to improve physical performance and prevent injuries. The basic science behind strength and conditioning is that by regularly engaging in exercises that challenge the muscles and joints, the body adapts and becomes stronger and more resilient. This can help to improve physical performance, prevent injuries, and improve overall health.

In the sports medicine setting, S&C is often used to treat and prevent injuries in athletes. By building strength and flexibility in the muscles and joints, the body is better able to handle the demands of physical activity, reducing the risk of injury. Strength and conditioning can also help to improve overall fitness and performance, making athletes stronger and more agile.

S&C is also beneficial for older athletes, adults, and people just trying to get or stay healthy. Regular exercise can help to improve overall health and fitness, reduce the risk of chronic diseases, and improve mental well-being. Here at Apollo Performance Chiropractic, we reside within a state-of-the-art S&C facility in Athletes Warehouse, and also boast nearly a decade of experience coaching professional, collegiate, high school, and adult athletes.