Carpal Tunnel Syndrome


Nerve Pain

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) occurs when one of the nerves running down your arm gets “entrapped” or pinched at the wrist as it enters your hand. This most often leads to burning pain, or numbness and tingling, which can also lead to feelings of weakness. The people most susceptible to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome are people that utilize a lot of movement of their fingers and hands, especially in awkward positions.

Desk workers, carpenters, and athletes like gymnasts and linemen, who put a lot of force through their hands and wrists are just a handful of the types of people that we have seen come in with this condition.

In order to deal with CTS, we take a full spectrum approach. The first step is to truly ensure that what you are dealing with is CTS, because there are a number of other conditions that can closely mirror this condition, including other nerve entrapments up the arm, cervical radiculopathy, and even some nutritional deficiencies and diabetes. Referring out for nerve conduction testing or diagnostic ultrasound is also something that is in our arsenal.

Once we know that we are dealing with CTS, a combined approach of certain resisted movement (like a night splint), soft tissue techniques, nutritional supplementation, and a logical loading strategy is the likely path that we will take. Each case is different, based upon the specific triggers, and treatment may be focused as high up as the neck or shoulder, given the functional nature of this condition. Once we have the discomfort under control, we can start to build you back into increasing your tolerance for certain positions, and helping you manage your symptoms on your own!

Treatments We Utilize on This Condition: