Patellar Tendinitis


Knee Pain

Performance rehab specialists frequently encounter patellar tendinitis, more recently referred to as patella tendinopathy. This is a degenerative condition of the patellar tendon, often caused by overuse and repetitive strain on the tendon, leading to pain and difficulty with activities such as jumping, landing, and direct loading of that area.

Tendinopathy is a slow and gradual process that can take time to heal. It is important to modify activities in order to reduce stress on the tendon and allow this process to occur. This may include reducing the frequency or intensity of high-impact activities and incorporating low-impact cross-training into one's routine. We take pride here at Apollo in still being able to challenge you, while simultaneously allowing the healing process to take place.

In addition to modifying activity, there are several treatment options available for patella tendinopathy. One of the more recent and effective treatments is shockwave therapy, which uses high-energy sound waves to stimulate healing in the tendon. We are proud to be able to offer this service at our clinic.

A comprehensive rehab process always involves working with your clinician to develop an individualized exercise program and being creative with loading strategies to gradually increase the stress on the tendon. A timely return to plyometric activities, such as jumping and landing, is also important in order to build resilience in the tendon and reduce the risk of re-injury.

Treatments We Utilize on This Condition: