Rotator Cuff Tears


Shoulder Pain

The rotator cuff is a group of four muscles and tendons that surround the shoulder joint, connecting the humerus bone to the scapula. These muscles are responsible for stabilizing the shoulder joint, and allowing for a range of shoulder movements, including lifting and rotating the arm.

Rotator cuff tears can occur due to trauma or chronic wear and tear. Pathophysiology of rotator cuff tears involves a breakdown of the tendons, leading to pain, weakness, and limited range of motion. Rotator cuff tears are often seen in athletes who engage in repetitive overhead motions, such as baseball players, swimmers, and tennis players.

In a sports rehab setting, addressing rotator cuff tears often involves a three-step process. The first step is to relieve pain and inflammation through modalities such as mobilization, soft tissue therapy, and lower intensity exercises. The second step is to increase functional capacity, which involves improving strength, flexibility, and range of motion. Finally, the third step is to integrate the patient back into their performance goals and movements.

At Apollo Performance Chiropractic, we use objective strength testing data to guide the treatment and recovery of rotator cuff injuries. By utilizing strength testing data, we are able to develop a more personalized and effective treatment plan for each patient. Our team is experienced in working with athletes of all levels and can provide individualized care to help each patient achieve their performance goals. We use a combination of manual therapy techniques and targeted exercises to help patients recover from rotator cuff tears and return to their desired level of activity.

Treatments We Utilize on This Condition: