Sports Hernia


Hip Pain

Sports hernias can be a common injury in certain athletes, including those that participate in rotational sports and track and field. It results from overuse and repetitive stress to the lower abdominal and groin area. The underlying mechanism involves the weakening or tearing of the fascial tissue, which leads to pain and instability in the affected area. Symptoms of a sports hernia include pain and weakness during activities, especially with twisting and turning movements, high force activities like spriting, and often with core muscle activation.

Treatment for a sports hernia typically involves a combination of rest, rehab, and strengthening exercises to improve stability and reduce pain. Our treatment protocols also incorporate manual therapy techniques to address the fascial restrictions and improve mobility, specifically in the abdomen and groin region.

Here at Apollo, we have a very good understanding of the fascial system and how it relates to this injury. This leads to a comprehensive approach to treatment that involves being creative in how the individual progresses, taking into account the individual's goals and needs. By addressing the underlying fascial restrictions and imbalances, we can help improve outcomes and reduce the risk of re-injury.

Treatments We Utilize on This Condition: