Stress Injuries


Elbow Pain

We have extensive experience in managing bone stress injuries to the elbow, specifically olecranon stress reactions, which can be common in the throwing athlete. These types of injuries occur when repetitive stress is placed on the olecranon (tip of the elbow), causing a series of microscopic fractures to occur in the bone. If left untreated, these stress reactions can progress to a stress fracture, leading to significant pain and loss of function. To effectively treat olecranon stress reactions, it's important to adopt a functional approach that addresses the underlying causes and modifies load on the affected area. In this specific instance, shockwave therapy can be used to stimulate bone healing, while blood flow restriction training can promote anabolic responses in the surrounding musculature without overloading the injury. With a comprehensive rehabilitation program and the use of these evidence-based approaches, olecranon stress reactions can be effectively managed, helping individuals return to their activities without pain.

Treatments We Utilize on This Condition: