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Joint Manipulation

Also known as an “adjustment”, joint manipulations can be performed at varying degrees, to nearly every joint in the body. We utilize this procedure because it has been shown to reduce pain and increase range of motion in the questioned joint by quickly stretching the capsule of ligaments that surround the joint. For more information:

Check out our blog post on manipulation here.


Blood Flow Restriction Training

This is a new style of training that has been shown to increase strength and hypertrophy of targeted muscles when used in the appropriate dosage. This therapy is used here at Apollo when a person presents with strength deficits or muscle atrophy, including post surgical cases when clients are unable to lift close to their maximal efforts. It can also be used as a performance tool regarding hypertrophy and cardiovascular training.

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While this technique has been known by several brand names, it is ultimately the use of a tool or instrument in order to create a positive response to the surrounding tissues via increased blood flow, and an external sensory input. We use this on several conditions including, but

not limited to joint sprains, muscle strains (tears), tendon pain,

post-surgical scar formation, or general soreness.

IASTM (Scraping)


This simply refers to techniques that we use in order to impact muscles or tissues on a deeper level. We use these techniques for pain reduction, as well as eliminating the presence of “trigger points” or tender spots throughout the muscle, which can allow you then to move in better patterns, and hopefully with less pain and dysfunction.

Deep Tissue Therapy

Sports Socks

It's very important to us that before any of our clients return to full activity, we feel confident that they are ready to do so. We use existing protocols or create our own prior to "clearing" our clients to return to full activity. We try and make sure that you can endure more than your sport is throwing at you. Even if you've never worked with us before, you can come and run through our return to play protocol. 

Return to Play Testing


Simply said, nobody ever complained about being too strong. At Apollo Performance Chiropractic, we pride ourselves on being able to adress any injury by integrating the most up-to-date diagnosis and rehab principles with foundational and creative strength and conditioning. While your body will do a good job of healing your injury, the ball is then in your court in order to strengthen it and prepare yourself for MORE than sports, training, or whatever life has to throw at you. Whether that means you attack that process on your own or work with a qualified professional, S&C is the key to health and longevity!

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Strength & Conditioning


Compression Flossing

This therapy is also one that we highly recommend for self-care. It is cheap, efficient, and the results can be very effective depending on what you are dealing with. It involves the tight wrapping of a portion of the extremity, paired with movement. The compression dulls the sense of pain and can allow the joint to move into a full range of motion, allowing all the muscles and fascia to glide.



Cupping is a technique that has been used for centuries if not more. While the reasoning for its use has changed over the years, people with general muscle pain as well as people dealing with nerve related pain have benefited greatly in our clinical experience.


Dynamic Taping

Taping can be used for a number of different instances including bruise reduction and for joint protection (most commonly in the ankles and wrists). However, here at Apollo, we take a more creative approach using tape to help pull your body into better positions. This can be used as a TEMPORARY crutch in order to help offload certain regions of your body, or te reduce pain so that we can attack the problem with some good old fashioned strength training.

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